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Orthorexia nervosa…there you got a real(?) “disorder”, even if it’s an  eating disorder”. No one knows exactly what causes this particular so called eating disorder, probably a form of mental illness is (if there is, of course, a mental sickness involved), the effect more than the cause. Not the same can be said about the Bulimia nervosa and the Anorexia nervosa; the three are potentially fatal, but for the orthorexia, letal consequences are much more infrequent, in fact, compared to the other two, anorexia and bulimia, orthorexia’s fatalities are very rare. Even in some shrinkatric circles there are serious doubs whether the orthorexia is a genuine disorder, much less a disease.    

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And for the symtoms of orthorexia, early and not so early symptoms, if there are any symptoms at all, they are not like those of a physical illness.

The orthorexic problem is a personality disorder; from a social point of view, a borderline personality disorder is all too similar to an alleged disorder of orthorexia. Because of comercial interests, “shrinkatry” and shrinks tend to minimize guilt and remorses by blaming, if not real illnesses or diseases, then the so called “disorders” for abnormal, weird, self destructing, or even illegal behaviours; first thing to do after somebody becomes a patient, is to erase any feeling of GUILT; better yet, delete the whole NOTION of guilt. At THAT, shrinks are very good, with a plus: many times most patients don’t feel guilty, even after murdering their own mothers…all in all, this first part, eliminating the feeling of guilt from a patient of the head doctor,  is a job easily done. 

  Here we have a convenient definition of guilt, that ends with some “whether real or IMAGINED” bullshit, and we can just as easily add after imagined, “and to hell with ethics” as the icing of the bullcake-shit. This hardly applies to bulimics and/or anorexics, because sooner than later they have to face the dire consecuences of becoming seriously sick; deep down, they are very insecure people that don’t really mean to mess other people lives, at least no more than they mess with their own; unwanted harm to other people (usually friends & family) is collateral damage, for which they feel real sorry and…guilty.

 But remorses are NOT the case for our typical orthorexic, quite the contrary; before orthorexics get real sick, IF they get sick at all, most of them MUST make others lives miserable, specially the lives of who, generally out of courtesy, let them have their say. Its because of their “personality disorder”, if we must say disorder, which sure it’s the politically correct thing to do.    Lets find out what they like to think of themselves.

  • Above all they are opinionated; of course they prefer the word outspoken.
  • Usually they don’t keep their opinions only to eating issues, they specially like to state their leftish political opinions.
  • As for more technical questions, well, the average orthorexic can somehow recognize his/her ignorance (up to a point), but always stating his/her superior intelligence above all other human beings, even rocket scientists.
  • Nonetheless their favorite subject is their eating issue or mania, which they prefer to refer as “nutritional information and/or knowledge”, or worst still, nutritional science, of all things; some times they even have some master degree about the dammed useless thing.
  • 99% of them tend to be vegan, or at least vegetarian; greens are the supposed healthy thing to eat, fish and seafood the only exception; it’s their fishy way of obtaining animal proteins.
  • These maniacs sure believe they are above all other people, smarter and holier than anyone, because of their eating manias, which they prefer to call healthy habits, y olé sus cojones y cojonas, like we use to say in Spain.
  • Even if most of them are more or less of the opinionated kind of vegans, some are vegans still in the closet, because they are not independent enough to get out of said closet and graze their own pasture, excuse me, I meant eat and buy their greens, the reason being that they still live with their parents or some other family or tutor, regardless their age, or their poor parents age, for them there isn’t difference. These orthorexics still “tolerate” meat and eggs, with the consolation of sometimes being able to choose fish or chicken over red meat, or God forbids, PORK meat, maybe even bacon, of all things; kind of fishy people indeed, are not they?.
  • All of the above hardly points to an ILL person, those “virtues” better belong to a REAL ASSHOLE; an specially IDIOT asshole, at that.
  • But in their favor we must say that is a real pleasure for us (normal people) to see them, always by accident, and never on their own will, at Macdonalds or at any other “fast food” like Burguer King, pouting haughtily at us, common mortals, with their long, horselike, orthorexics faces.  

 At least most of them don’t like to own pets, specially dogs & cats, they usually prefer canaries, or some other kind of birds that don’t need to be fed with meat; of course, eagles and falcons are out of the question.

 This, and the funny horse faces they put at “Chez Macdonalds”, are the only reasons orthorexics are, on very few ocassions, worth looking at.


And the downside of this whole ORTHOREXIA busines is that some asshole who thinks he/she is being more clever than all the other people, with his/her perfect ethics able to turn the pleasure of eating and drinking into an obnoxious mania, calling the mania “healthly habit,”, and being idiot enough to endure the stupid torture of this “healthy habit”, into the merit of having a strong will and self control “of the superior kind”, is not at at all the doing of an ill or sick person, but the behaviour of a real half witted pain in the ass.