“Érase una vez, queridos infantes, que había un Bar en Ordes que publicó una Oferta de Trabajo en estos términos… (Once upon a time, dear childs, there was a Bar in the Village of Ordes that offered a job on the following terms…)”

English: Waitress needed for a Bar one hour away from Santiago and 15 minutes from Arzua & Órdenes. Essential being a hard working girl, responsible, gorgeous, and a bit “puta” (whore), nice client treatment, starting immedatly and permanent contract. Salary 1500€. Rooming option if you are from far away.       

                  Y no veas el jaleo que se ha armado. (And you can’t imagine the uproar raised)

 Esta vez no fueron las feministas las que iniciaron la protestas oficiales, sino el sindicato UGT. (And this time weren’t the feminist that started the official complaints, but UGT, a worker unión)

UGT TE VIGILA, UGT SABE…(UGT IS WATCHING YOU, UGT KNOWS…) así que dejaos de solicitar  putas, aunque sean sólo un poco putas. (so stop asking for whores even if they are only a Little Bit Putas)