(resume of this morning Spanish post)

of it; lately they got a taste for  attacking the Mesopotamian art, culture andHistory that existed centurys prior the birth of their “enlightened prophet”.  Next picture (bellow) shows islamist hominids destroying ancient asirian statues.

Quite normal solution for them; couldn’t kill the long ago gone unfaithful people of  these cultures or civilitations?…then destroy, instead, their legacy. Islamic terrorists and their western “progressive” leftist simpathizers can’t stand the idea of civilizations before Mahoma or, if and when the West has a proper leader, Allah forbids, a civilization after Mahoma.

All this and more it’s thanks to the territory they took, with Obama’s passivity, from the Sirian an Iraqi nations and call “The Islamic State” or the “Caliphate”; the so called Caliphate gives them all the impunity they need for their crimes.That and the lack of leadership in the Western or the Free World make those islamic crimes go unpunished; Obama’s Colation for No One Knows What and it’s weak and token aerial bombardments is far from deterring those monkeys from their actions or move them from their “confort zone”, let alone defeat them.

And the Civilization has this Commander in Sheik, that now doesn’t even bother to receive Benjamin Netanyahu, to endure for nearly two very long years more. Meanwhile the enemy will have nukes to play around.  INDEED, TWO VERY LONG YEARS LEFT AHEAD.