(Short versión of today’s post in Spanish)
The civil war in Ukraine is consequence of the European “Union” sponsored coup d’etat in that country with Obama’s help; it was only a half succes because the Crimean Peninsula separated from Ukraine within the first few days, and a civil war that still is going on started.

Going, this civil war, for nearly a year now, back an forth betwen the two factions, the pro russians and the people who favor Ukraine’s actual governement, the real culprit, the European “Union”, went all this time, almost a year, blaming Vladmir Putin and/or the Russian Federation for its OWN mess.

And now, from Thursday 5 to Wednesday 11 of this month of febraury, there was a marathon by Merkel and Hollande visiting first Kiev, Moscow next day, a sort of Summit in Cologne on the weekend, a Merkel’s visit to Obama on Monday, Febraury 9, in Washington, another Merkel’s visit to Canada next, and another Summit or something in Minsk this very next Wednesday. Montercarlo’s Rallye doesn’t get faster than that…

…But why?; could it be that with Greece’s mess, thanks to Syriza, and the new so called islamic state or caliphate, Obama’s gift to the Free World, the European “Union” has too many fronts?.

Long gone were the mobbing days of Obama and his European Union cronies to Putin on the G20 Summit in Australia…from now on they better watch those manners, if they want to achieve anything at all with Putin and/or Russia.