I’m a slightly overweight russian cat of some age, that lives in the entrance of a building in the russian city of Obninsk; Janaury in Russia is really cold, as you probably already know, and the building neighbours are very kind for letting me live in their entrance; some of them even bother to feed me, specially now, winter time. With age, Cat Street Adventures become fewer and fewer each year, and nowadays I reserve those few feline expeditions for late spring and summer. Now, my name, Masha, probably rings a bell in some of you…been on the news, worldwide. I’m The Cat Who Saved a Baby Boy, and they told the story like it was an unusual thing to do; for a Cat, that is.

Well, let me tell you that it’s unusual such a behavior from us, but only beacuse the opportunity for us to Save a Baby seldom (nearly never) presents itself.

So that cold night of January I was a lucky Cat, and so was The Baby; I mean only the lucky part, of course the Baby was not a Cat. And, if you let me tell my story I’ll go ahead with it. I was dozing on my corner in the entrance building, with my Cat Thoughts & Dreams for all company, when little by little I gained full Cat Conciousness by hearing a Baby crying; The Baby Meant To Be Saved By Me, yours truly.The Baby was crying, it was late night, and he was crying because of the cold. Cats know about such things. As a kittens the majority of us are abandoned on the streets; many of our kind are not lucky nor strong enough to survive on the streets, cars, dogs, drunks, and hooligans dispose of many kittens, but what kills them most, if I may say so, it’s the sadness of being abandoned. Cats of all ages are very fond of giving and receiving love, and kittens are particularly affectionate.

The Baby’s sounds were coming from a cardbox, and when I went to investigate, true enough, there was a baby inside the box. A real Baby Boy; The Baby Meant To Be Saved By Me. 

At that late time of the night every neighbour was at home and sleeping safely tucked in bed. So no help from that quarters was to be expected.

But the poor Baby needed badly heat, and my fur, long haired fur (I’m a long haired type of Cat), could do the job of keeping both of us warm for the night. I know from experience that long hair protect us better from the cold than short hair protects other felines like siamesecats; and my long haired, smooth, and nice fur has much to do with my actual home, people like to pet me because of it, and much more so when I start to purr; they love it, hear me purring, sometimes they would keep meon their arms or laps for hours, specially when watching TV at home; pity Landlord doesn’t want animals to be kept in the building’s apartments. Yes, for them, Cats are technically animals. Will see what happens now, after I saved The Baby; after all it was one of them who abandoned his own child ouside the building on a cold winter night, so, who is the animal now?; who is “technically” the animal?. Decided: in the cardbox I went, to keep the Baby warm and calm for the night.

And sleeping well, we spend the rest of the night keeping each other company until the Baby woke up, and started crying again; he needed food and a change, after that long night. Luckly for us, my building’s neighbors are early risers, and one of them heard Babys’s cries. The funny part of it is that she though it was me, meowling, that was making all that noise; it’s true that babies cries and cats meows sound much alike.

And it was then, when the humans took charge of The Baby Meant To Be Saved By Me, Masha, when my mission was over. Neighbors called an ambulance, and the ambulance took the Baby That Was Saved By Me, to the good care of the hospital.

A short period of fame was awaiting me, and before it’s over, I choosed to tell you my side of the story, the story of MASHAThe Cat who came in from the cold.(Please humour me with my little joke at the cost of this John le Carre novel and the famous Berlin’s Check Point Charlie which I find extremly funny: Cats used to cross said “control point” at all times when they felt like it)


Dedicated to Luna and Diego, my Arizona babys.