…no, its only about money, money that a Nation and its individuals owe; call it National Debt, if you like.

-And next greek elections of Sunday 25 are about money, and about paying or not paying, let’s not fool ourselves.

-Greece owes to the European “Union” 256.409 MILLION Euros.

-Europe’s extreme left parties support Syriza and it’s candidate Alexis Tsipras.

-From the very begining Tsipras said that his intentions were NOT TO PAY, totally or partially, Greece’s National Debt; later on he tried to soften up this to the debtors, either private or institutional, and of course to sweeten the pill to the most important of them, the European “Union” and its members. Meaning that he is willing to pay some(?) of it, and/or to pay it (much?) later than when is due.

-Paying has the inconvenient of sacrifice and hard work, but on the long run it has the advantage of recovering credibility and real credit capacity; at the end honest effort alway pays off.

-By not paying, a country and its citizens lose all credit and investments, and becomes poorer even if it’s already broken economically; and that’s it’s not on the long term, but ten minutes after an oficial announcement, or even a hint, is made of not willing to pay.

-So, which one will be?

-“Fairy tales”?

-Or Realistic future?

January, Sunday, 25 2015, The Choice. Greece’s choice