…dated 20 & 22 December about the last(?) treason  perpetrated  by our national & international authorities.

-A little before this Christmas and New Year holiday, the European “Union” Parliament recognized the Palestinian State and, also for that purpose,  the European Justice Court took the (palestinian) terrorist group Hamas out of the european terrorist groups list…

-… wisely reasoning (the European “Justice” Court) that the so called Hamas terrorist attacks were all Internet Fantasies.

-And all this was (shortly) after Norway and Spain parliaments, completly disregarding Hamas terrorist background, recognized the Palestinian State. 

-So, from now on, for the European “Unión” all Hamas terrorism will be the fruit of  Internet’s concoctions; from now on, Hamas members are innocent like Catholic Nuns; or at least, like european civilazed citizens, or even like normal people. Maybe.

-And therefore Hamas will cease to be a terroris group and the Palestinian State will have a right to exist and annhiliate Israel and /or whoever else they fancy, including you (better delete that asshole smile) and poor me.

Meanwhile Raul Castro and the Commander in Sheik B. Hussein Obama are in cosy terms because (they say) His Holiness the Pope Francisco told them so.

Pope Francisco was rightfully concerned about the wellbeing of spy-prisoner Alan Gross, and as early as June 2013, in Canada, members of Obama’s Administration and Castro’s cuban officials started talks and negotiations. 

 Secret talks and negotiations that continued in Vatican, hosted by the catholic church; later on, Obama visited Pope Francisco, and its said that they talked mostly about Cuba.

-Obama promised to open again, after 50 years, the US embassy in Havanna, and to allow US Visa Credit Cards to be used in Cuba, and to solve (lift) the little  “embargo problema” with Congress and Senate later; reason: he says the Pope told him to do it.

-Raul Castro promised to allow the US Embassy to open in Havanna, and the Visa Credit Cards to be used in Cuba; says the Pope asked him to do those things. Also promised to continue The Revolution, their Communist Caribean Paradise, regardless Liberty and Human Rights; for now, fuck Democracy…

…Which is alright for Obama, cause he thinks (no pun intended) that Cuba will end up being anothe Free World Democratic Nation, by way of osmosis, maybe.

-An both agreed to exchange spy-prisoners despite not being allowed to use               Berlin’s classic and elegant CHECKPOINT CHARLIE to do so; pity. 

-Pity, also, that all this will end all the way around, Western Nations becoming Bolivarian-Islamic States o Califates if we don’t stop all this nonsense.

At the moment, this year 2014 is ending like shit for us, decent western people and citizens; like shit.