(a breif version in English of my 11/17/2014 post)

Another case yet of schoolyard mobing against Vladmir Putin done by the European “Union” and Obama under the pretext of Putin’s help to the pro russian people in Ukraine’s crisis.

And so, with nothing better to do, they kept blaming Putin of Ukraine’s crisis regardless of other matters on the  Summit’s agenda.

It’s convenient to recall a few facts about this Ukraine’s crisis.

-The whole mess was started, at the begining of this year,  by the European “Union”, sponsoring a coup d’etat against the legal and democratically elected government and its president Viktor Yanucovych.

-For once, by sheer luck or thanks to CIA’s help, the coup was an European “Union” success at the begining, but…

-…but the strategic Peninsula of Crimea   with its pro russian majority separated from Ukraine within days. 

-And there’s still a civil war going on in parts of Ukraine that border Russia or the Russian Federation.

And all of the above with thousands of casualties, and counting.

-And the initial succes tipically became a failure that no one in the European “Union” wants to take responsibility for.

-So, they needed an scapegoat, and choosed to play the bad guy character no other one than Vladmir Putin , not exactly a saint (but, who is?) but with nothing to do with the European “Union” messy coup d’etat.

-In fact, Putin now has someone else problem in his hands, with pro russians  in Ukraine’s borders with the Russian federation demanding help, military help, guns and ammo.

-And inside his own borders, public opinión strongly demands this kind of help to be delivered to the pro russian people in Ukraine.

-Putin’s behavior  has been very sensible and patient, so far.

In all fairness, it’s not his fault a problem caused by the European “Union” greed; they like to add nations to the European “Union” area of influence to later become members of said “Union” or whatever, and to change their currencys for the Euro; in doing so, they disappear as Nations (like Greece or Cyprus) or at least become enslaved nations by the economically more powerfull ones (practically all South Europe nations). 

-Spain’s Mariano Rajoy, said on Australia’s  G 20 Summit in a non committal way “We must consolidate World’s economy to completly  leave the crisis”; wich was a wise thing to say there and then; talk, do your speech…and end up saying nothing. Even the by then very angry Putin was OK with that one.

-On the contrary, European Union”‘s Van Rompuys should keep their big mouth shut unless they want the First and last Nuclear Holocaust, that in the Cold War din’t happen, to happen now.

And THAT could ruin our day