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Mistake of tactical and strategic proportions committed by these terrorists of the New Islamic State or Caliphate, ISIS. Mistake that went unnoticed (once more) by the Commander in Sheik and his new esoteric coalition; well maybe ignored more than”unnoticed”; with this “Leader of the Free World” and Nobel Price to boot you never know. 

The terrorists mistake was to put themselves on a map; not on a fantasy Sherezade like map like this but a recent and real one, this one for instance

a map that clearly shows their mistake; don’t look for it ON the map; the mistake IS THE MAP…

…the map by itself because, if at first sight seems to show strengh, it also shows that the terrorist lost their typical terrorist advantage: the ability to lose themselves among the normal population before and after their treacherous and coward attacks, and even sometimes during those attacks, courtesy of different long distance detonating and timing devices.

By occupying and owning a territory with clear borders, battlefields, battle fronts, strongholds, occupied towns (not merely controlled towns), identified vehicles such as trucks and tanks, and by showing their numbers and guns, they (the terrorists) expose themselves to a classic and/or conventional kind of war. The kind of war ideal for the NATO, less ideal for an “esoteric coalition” that includes countrys that sympathize with ISIS.

For such a war the civilized countrys must send a few quality ground troops with strong air support. 

Current weak air attacks are not enough even for the Commander in Sheik political credibility.

With a conventional war with ground troops in this terrorist occupied territory, very few terrorists should be able to escape to the neighboring countrys that sympathize or sponsor them.

And forget all about the ridiculous doctrine of the proportional response; the military should act as they see fit, without second thoughts.

And above all remember: “the best islamic weapon is the political correctness of the progressive (western) idiot”