… and nothing to do with politics or even that leftist Holy Cow, The Sacred Democracy, you mummys of the Chinese Communist Party!. These hard working hong kongers need some space for their private enterprises and personal iniciative; not to mention their creativity. They need as a Chief Executive one of their own, instead of one appointed by Beijing’s maoist mummys; or instead of one elected betwen two or three candidates previously nominated in Beijing by the Communist Party mummys.

If only you, communist dinosaurs, bother to ask the manager of China Bank in Hong Kong, your biggest public/”peoples” Bank, you would learn from him that by keeping your emperial asses out of the way you would favor busines. Theirs and yours 

And these citizens of the United Kingdom ex-colony, Hong Kong, deserve their choosen path of freedom because they work for it, as opposite to their lazy gibraltarian counterparts. Gibraltar is still a Brit Colony, and a Tax Paradise and the World’s capital of online gamblig, among other “honorable” things, and the gibraltarians, despite the majority of them being a bunch of thugs and hooligans (see photograf above), prone to smuggling and money laundering, they nonetheless have the right to elect their own Prime Minister, usually the biggest colony’s clown at the moment.This one (above), for example, is no better than this (bellow), the actual Hong Kong’s Chief Executive

In fact, Gibraltar’s Prime Minister is worse, as much worse is the population of the still British Colony than the honest, creative, and industrious people of Hong Honk. But gibraltarians have the right to elect him; hong kongers not.

Demonstrating they light the path of freedom like glow worms with their mobiles an iPhones.So, welcome Hong Kong, the Free World welcomes the real New China.

(Arriba en inglés comento que la buena y trabajadora gente de la ex-colonia de Hong Kong merece mucho más  poder elegir a un representante de entre los suyos que el hampa que habita la todavía colonia de Gilbraltar y que si las momias del Partido Comunista chino dejaran hacer, sería bueno tanto para China como para Hong Kong. Al español, como buen entender que es, pocas palabras le basta. Fin de la traducción)