Mister Pedro Sánchez, New Lord and Master* of Spain’s Socialist Party first endeavour was a treacherous one.

And not any kind of treason, but a high and international profile one was what he choosed to start with, within hours of his nomination of Lord and Master of  Spain’s etcétera.

And a treason of the worst kind: the ridiculous one. And perpetrated on the European “Union” election for the next Commission’s President. The Spanish(?) Socialisy & Laborist Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Español, pet named by its friens “La Psoe”).

Because there was a Deal or an Accord between the La Psoe and the rest of the  European”Unión” socialists partys with the European Populares (conservatives) to elect Jean Claude Juncker President of the  European Commission. But that was almost a week ago. Ancient History for La Psoe and its New Lord and Master.

“That was then, and now I’m The Future” said Don Pedro, regally; after all Spain IS a Kingdom of sorts.

And so he gave his European M.P.s instructions to betray their Given (and writen) Word, the Agreed Deal.

And by that they made theirselves look like ridiculous fouls, even by European “Union” standards.  

Incidentally, but this one is only his own party busines, the also promised party primarys for November, will be moved, by his orders, to a future unknown date, probably never.

And thats all for now, this post purpose is to warn europeans (and, to a lesser degree, americans) about this new felow.

So, beware of the New Kid on The Block.

(*) Lord and Master, officially the title is SECRETARIO GENERAL (General Secretary) 

(esto lo he escrito en ingles para aviso a europeos  (que leen mejor en inglés) y en menor grado a americanos; traduzco brevemente: cuidado con el pájaro. Los españoles ya conocemos el perkal.)