About the reality show Big Brother. A psychologically cruel TV show, run in practically all Western World’s countrys and then some; this reality show is run by sadits for psychotic audiences, and played by freaks contestants of one kind or another.

This sadistic Show Big Brother was specially cruel in England or G B the year 2006 with a contestant patient of the terrible Tourete’s Syndrom. The “oficial” excuse for this one was “public interest” in Tourette’s syndrom.

But, when it seemed imposible to surpass that one, this year they got a 18 weeks pregnant  girl canditate for Big Brother that wants to have an abortion in order to to be liked by the organizers, the public, and the fellow contestants as well.

I also, almost passing by, stress the fact that despise we, latins or mediterranean people, are famous for our imagination, we come short compared to Brits when it comes to Big Borther’s sadistics and bad taste. And in Big Brother Spain they too excuse themselves with sociological and psychological mumbo – jumbo.

And that’s all about it, Big Brother wise. For the ones of you able to read Spanish I give you the link to the original post in Spanish.


T K U for Reading & bye bye for now.