First of all, what has to say, if anything, the OSCE, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe?. Because there was a demonstration, labor unión organized, this time in Brussels, capital of Belgium and the European “Union”, demonstration that became a real riot, like the last one in Madrid, dated March 22 2014, also labor unión organized.

The Madrid “riotration” counted with the uninvited “observers” of the OSCE, and this so called “observers”, the next Monday March 24, when the labor union’s riots were done (and 67 policemen were injured), proceeded to interrogate Spanish Foreing Affair officials and spanish policeman. In what capacity this questioning was done by these European “Union” bureaucrats, only God knows. And, being these people so politically correct, questioning the organizers of these “events” was….out of the question. Pure European Union Hypocrisy, as usual.

So, what has the OSCE to say about these labor union “festivities” in Brussels?; or do they finally realize that the demonstration organizers are the same riot organizers?. Or could it be that Madrid is OSCE’s busines, and Brussels not: European “Union” laws an rules are too complicated and absurd to understand.

An one that sure has an interesting opinion about the Brussels festivities of yestarday April 4,  is Cecilia Malmström, European “Union”‘s Home Affairs Commissioner, great dilettante of all that should only be Spanish busines and /or of Spain’s concern. She could tweet us her wise opinion again.

And this post in my bloq is just for the sake of curiosity and in any way means animosity.

In short, do they watch themselves like they watch others?

Felix Fernández de Castro (bucker 125)

Mini traducción al español, les digo en su idioma vehicula común (ingles) a los de la “Unión” Europea, que qué tienen que decir los de la OSCE sobre la “juerga” sindical montada en Bruselas con los acostumbrados distubios y ataque a la policía. Y de paso si la comisaria europea Cecilia Malmström, tan aficionada a los asuntos españoles, tiene algo que decir.

Sólo por curiosidad, sin ningún odio….. al español pocas palabras le bastan; no como a otros de por ahí fuera.

Buen finde, compatriotas españoles… a los otros también pero sólo si son amigos.