……a mess promoted by the European “Union”, which is the real bad guy of this comedy.

In Ukraine took place a coup d’etat promoted and sponsored by the European “Union”, because the European “Union”, lately, solves its crisis by expanding its influence zone and/or adding new members.  The next “natural” annexation would have been Turkey, also an old member of the Nato, if not for political and religious reasons. Turkey’s currrent government bends more and more towards Islamic positions, and the country’s economic situation it’s not that good, either. So, the next European “Union” memeber, and/or “controlled zone would have to be Ukraine.

And here was when things went wrong from the beginning, because bureaucrats (who are the official European “Union” decisions makers) are not statesmen: too narrow minded for that. Lobbies, beacuse of Europe’s hypocrisy, don’t officialy exist.

And, without further thought, in they got into the busines of promoting a coup d’etat in Ukraine, ignorant of consequences, for Ukraine is already someone’s else influence zone: The Russian Federation. And Ukraine has the Crimean Peninsula with a russian majority of residents and importand  russian navy bases, the most important russian navy bases with access to the Mediterranean Sea.

And to complicate matters more, the “Union” instigated coup was, for once, a succes: the goal of overtrhowing Ukraine’s legit authorities was achieved at the cost of hundreds of lives.

And so, we have the Russians very upset, and rightfully so, the Crimean people who want to be part of the Russian Federation, Ukraine’s new pro European “Union” clowns now sort of in charge of things, the Nato & White House threatening the russians if they not stay put, but the russians already are in Crimea, in fact have moved in in advance……

And of all this the European “Union” is to blame; meanwhile the only “solution” or “plan B” is to blame Putin and make him pass for the bad guy.

Let’s hope that this bureaucrats din’t get the III WW started with this “briiliand move of them.

And as for hipocresy, Cecilia Malmström’s, “Union”‘s commissioner blaming and rating about our Spanish Guarcia civil about the sad but accidental deaths of 15 poor people who were traying to reach Spain by swimming the Mediterranean cold waters of Febraury.

And that’s more or less all about my post on the subject, translated as promised

By Felix Fernández de Castro (bucker125)