….(cont.) about sheiks, sand, dunes, Sahara, and,  above all, CAMELS.

-The relation between camels and zoophilia is well kown, but the relationship between camels and terrorism, beyond being a form of transportation, is yet to be proved.

-A single hump camel is known in Spanish language by the word dromedario; the famous cigarrette pack still doesn’t  know the fact. That, and that tobacco kills; government says, so it must be true.

-When you hear a camel tweet, make sure it’s not carrying a Sheik; most of the time is the Sheik who is doing the tweet, not the camel. Most of the time, not always. Just make sure.

Feeding beans to a camel is a wise way of giving it jet propulsión;  trick works on hard surfaces, see below next.

  -To put wheels on a farting camel feet is dumb when you travel the desert, because of the sand and dunes; better wait until arriving to a proper road to install the wheels, if the camel still farts and you still want this kind of jet propulsión. Could be fast and fun on a hard surface.

-Keeping camels out of our streets is a way of fighting drugs; making them stay in Sahara also helps sheiks tranportation when they get bored of Land Rovers.

-A camel can carry more Coran books than a Bearded Taliban. A camel can actually read faster than most Talibans, bearded or shaved; but contrary to bearded or shaved Talibans, camels are too shy to interpret it for us, western demons.

Camels tend to let the Talibans do the job of spreading the Prophet’s Word by bombing the Heathens and us, Western Demons.

-A camel that likes Land Rovers can be still a good muslim camel and a good Sheik bearer. 

-A camel loyal to the Prophet is also loyal to his Sheik.

-A muslim who can’t keep his camel’s fidelity it’s not a Sheik, nor a Taliban; doesn’t go past being a damn fucking dumbassed bedouin.

– A beer drinking camel is not a good muslim camel: if enough drunk tend to drop Talibans an Sheiks alike or even Coran books cargoes. Kind of a hellriser desert’s heathen animal. -And, finally, for now anyway, don’t make jokes about camel toes in front of a camel; he will tell on us (to the Talibans). For less we could get shot at.

Primer post en inglés, pero normalmente mis posts continuarán siendo en español; no obstante de algún post en español, anterior o futuro, que estime lo bastante interesante para quienes sólo lean inglés, haré traducción resumida del mismo.

  1st post in English, to friends that don’t read Spanish. Translated summaries of some previous Spanish posts will come sometime soon. Meanwhile next posts will be writen, normally, in Spanish.